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The sleepover club

s.o.c biography
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Fliss is the prettiest one of the s.o.c's and she wants to be a supermodel.  Fliss is twelve years old and is only interested in Ryan Scott or looking her best.
Fliss is played by Ashkeigh Chisholm.

Kenny is the sportiest one of the s.o.c's.Wanting to be an olimpic runner. She is 12 years old and has a stupid sister Molly.
Kenny is played by Hannah Wang.


Rosie cartwright is 12 years old.She lives in Creasant bay Austrailia,with her dad and brother.
Rosie is played by Eliza Tyler-Cotter.


Frankie is the 1st member of the sleepover club being the one who invented.She is a bit of a bossy boots and loves a good compotition.
Frankie is played by Catlin Stacey.


Lynzey Collins is a kind 12 year old girl.She loves horses and has a dereded brother michael.(m&m)
Lynz is played by Basia Ahern

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